Skopje Economic and Finance Forum (SEFF) is an initiative by the Ministry of Finance aiming to facilitate public policy debates on relevant topics for the Republic of North Macedonia and Southeastern Europe, through annual conferences, occasional seminars, and a policy portal for analyses and commentaries.

Its intention is to encourage the synergy of ideas and initiatives by policymakers, political representatives, international development partners, civil society, academics, the business sector, and other experts and stakeholders to improve the policy dialogue on economic and financial topics with national and regional outreach.

The decision to organize a high-level international conference by the Ministry of Finance rises from our commitment as an institution to promote transparency and inclusive dialogue with numerous stakeholders. The inclusion is of particular importance in creating future policies and measures, reaching better results in achieving our goals, i.e., economic recovery and inclusive, accelerated, and green growth.


The Annual International Conference of the Ministry of Finance is the major event organized under the auspices of SEFF. The conference aims at improving policy coherence and strengthening the budget planning process. Its policy recommendations and valuable insights will serve as an important input into the policy formulation stage for the next year as well as for the medium term. It will initiate constructive ideas and policy recommendations applicable in a regional context.

The conference will be a great opportunity for us to hear the experiences and views of senior government officials in the region, as well as those of the representatives of international financial institutions and the business sector.

The participants will have a unique opportunity to discuss the design of macroeconomic policies, public finance and structural reforms, private capital mobilization, enhanced regional cooperation, etc. The conference will provide a high-level forum for exchanging views on the global and regional prospects of post-pandemic recovery and growth, thus assisting sound macroeconomic policies, good governance, and citizen participation. An appropriate, timely and well-targeted support for social inclusion, digitization, green economy, and human capital formation would also enhance the resilience in post-pandemic times.


It is important to focus not only on policies that will provide a strong impetus for recovery and growth acceleration but also on resilience in the context of new challenges. The policy recommendations would emphasize the need for evidence-based, coherent, and comprehensive policymaking followed by continuous monitoring and thorough policy evaluation. The Annual International Conference held by the Ministry of Finance is envisaged to grow into a respectable tradition.